I have an Android device that has no internet connection. I managed to install MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe) on this device.

Where can I download good (detailed) offline maps to use with this app? I am interested in a complete map of Cuba. Importantly, I must download the map from a PC, and then copy this file to the device, since the device has no internet connection. How can I do this?


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This is the direct link to download the map data: http://direct.mapswithme.com/direct/latest/

  • Looks like the link is forbidden now. Is there any alternative?
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Feb 11, 2020 at 4:20

The maps data is stored in /sdcard/MapsWithMe/. For each downloaded map, there are 2/3 files (depending with route or not) and 1 folder:

  • <Country> folder (empty)
  • Country.mwm for map data
  • Country.mwm.routing for its routing (direction) data

You need to download the map data from your PC (using Android emulator*, refer to this question.), transfer the data from the emulator to your PC, then transfer the data again from your PC to your physical device.

* for Android emulator, I recommend BlueStacks since it's simple enough for general end-users. You can refer to this question to transfer between BlueStacks and PC.

Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliations to BlueStacks. I just tried it and found that it's easier to use than Android SDK emulator and using ADB to pull the files


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