I have a HTC Desire (bravo). Currently I use it with the old Oxygene ROM. Basically It's fine, but the physical buttons (menu, back, home) are very hard to press. Sometimes it takes more than 5 hard presses until it reacts. There might be other ways to fix it (maybe fixing the buttons or just cleaning them?) but being a software engineer I thought that I might be able to find a ROM that can be used without those 3 physical buttons (just like the newer phones usually don't even have those physical buttons) What ROM-s are worth to look at?


You can install the Xposed framework on a rooted device.

There are numerous modules that will enable softkeys on the device. Have a search in Xposed in the "Downloads" section for "softkeys".

One example is here and it has the Android L style soft keys. In case the article goes down here's the XDA thread with the apk

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