I uninstalled updates for Google play service and now I can't even use my Google play store, help me please

I'm using a Samsung galaxy grand quattro


Try this link - Google Play Apk. Try upgrading it later if an update is available.
Open any browser and go to PlayStore and try to install any application so that website may prompt to install Play Store before continuing.
1 - There is a chance that you've unknowingly disabled Play Store permanently in App Manager. To re-enable it again just follow Menu>Settings>Apps/App Manager>Disabled apps and enable it.
2 - You can also use apps like CleanMaster to perform above job.

  • mega.co.nz/… _isn't a link to the playstore – HasH_BrowN Sep 6 '14 at 10:08
  • @HasH_BrowN - Oh I know it man! You don't find Google Play app in Google Play so I gave that link to give it a try. You've downvoted my answer and discovered a great truth that it's not a link to Play Store. – MANI Sep 6 '14 at 11:02
  • Then you need to include details that are relevant to the question. Anybody reading that unedited answer you had originally wrote would think that was a link to an actual apk. Now the updated answer addresses the question, thank you for clarifying. Down vote removed!! – HasH_BrowN Sep 6 '14 at 17:03

I faced the same problem on my LG G2(purchased a few months ago) with the google play store. Earlier I used Playstore to download as many free apps as needed. But then to save the battery backup time, I disabled all the apps that used to restart automatically, each time I closed them. But after disabling them from task manager, play store stopped working and even after re-enabling it, it did not start. Even the apps downloaded through play store did not function and used to give info that for running this app I need to update play store and after opening play store to update, it used to straightway say no connection. I called google support, and did a bit of troubleshooting on it remotely, but it did not help, they asked me to take the device to the service centre. But as I barely find any time in any week, I decided to do it myself and used the factory mode reset option and now it is functioning again wonderfully.

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