Phone model : SGH-I317M Network : Rogers

I made a backup of the /efs folder right after rooting my phone. (Using EFSPro).

Since then I have played around with downgrading to android 4.1(downloaded from samsmmobile) from the official android 4.4 release before. Due to bootloader issues I was unable to do this.

To fix my phone I downloaded android 4.4 from Samsmobile. The phone boots fine, but I have no network connectivity. The IMEI and baseband are unknown. I tried restoring the EFS backup but it did not work. After a bit of debugging here is what I found:

1) After restoring the EFS backup I took another backup and compared the MD5 for my original backup and the backup take right after restore. They matched. 2) Then I rebooted my phone and did another backup, this time the MD5's did not match.

Hence Something during the boot process is rewriting my EFS folder. I tried doing a format of the /efs parition before restoring but the format failed.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

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