I just bought my Cherry Mobile Quartz last week, and it is rooted. I edited the build prop name and changed it to Cherry Mobile Flare. After that, I rebooted my phone, and now it's stuck on the android logo.

I tried to repair it in service center, but the stock rom is not available yet. I don't have any backup of the build prop, and the stock recovery didn't work.

How can I fix my phone?


Reboot your phone to recovery.

Use adb to pull (read as copy) the build.prop from ROM/device

adb pull /system/build.prop c:\

Edit it back the way that it was.

Once edited save as normal

Use adb to push (read as paste) the build.prop to ROM/device

adb shell chmod 0644 /system/build.prop

adb remount


adb push c:\build.prop /system/


adb reboot


adb shell reboot

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