What does the 'Mark as default' option do you can choose in the menu when you select a contact which is present in the phone memory ?

I am seeing this on a Samsung Galaxy S phone ( if this should make a difference ).

-- background information (for those interested) --

I am still trying to copy phone numbers one at a time from SIM to the phone memory ( see my other question ).

At the moment the easiest way to accomplish this is to send the contact information using the Send via + Gmail to my own Gmail account, press Download in the received email and choose Contacts ).

Having done this for the few numbers I wanted to transfer ( it's main reason being that I now can attach a picture and a ring tone to the important phone numbers, while still retaining these numbers on my SIM card should my phone suddenly die ), I now noticed the 'Mark as default' option in the menu of a phone number saved to the phone memory.

Before selecting this option, I wanted to ask what the option will actually accomplish.

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    +1. Good question... I don't see that option on the Droid Incredible. I would guess it sets one of that contact's multiple phone numbers as the default when you call that contact. – gary Apr 13 '11 at 17:00

I'm looking for documentation to back this up, but in my experimentation the "default" phone number for a contact is what's used with voice commands if you don't define a phone "type".

So, if I have three phone numbers for John Smith, if I just use the command Call John Smith the default phone number will be used. Otherwise, I need to use Call John Smith home or Call John Smith mobile.

It's also used if, when looking at a list of contacts, you tap the phone icon next to the contact's name. It will use the default phone number (if defined).

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    It is also used to dial/text from a home screen shortcut instead of popping up the list of all available phone numbers for the given contact. – Chahk Apr 13 '11 at 17:54
  • The last point is what I usually run into. It's how you pick which name is displayed for the contact. – TREE Apr 13 '11 at 20:14

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