Recently I changed my sd card from 2GB to 8GB and now I can neither download nor update any apps from the Google Playstore. It shows "Insufficient space on device", even though internal 1.5gb & external 6gb is available. I tried clearing cache for apps, I also deleted some to restore space, but no use.

Can anyone please suggest what to do? This may be a duplicate question, none of the solutions worked for me. My phone is not rooted.

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  • possible duplicate of “Insufficient storage available”. Ok, but where?
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You probably don't have enough space. Android installs apps to your internal SDcard, not your external. Going from 2 to 8 gigs is irrelevant when installing apps


First, I recommend using your computer to transfer all files and folders from the old SD card to the new one. This ensures a smooth SD card upgrade.

As for the space issue; the amount of your external memory doesn't resolve issues related to the internal memory. Only internal storage is used for apps installed on the majority of devices (it depends on the version of Android that is installed).


Have you tried to move your already installed applications to your external SD card?

You can do it in application settings, after a click on an application in the list.

There must have a button "move to SD card" or something similar. Note that not all the apps can be moved to the external SD card this way.


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