I use the latest Hangouts version (the one rolled out a few days ago, which now supports voice calls) on a Nexus 5. I have set Hangouts as my default messaging app. In the past the following behavior was possible: when I was sending a message to a contact on Hangouts, if either I or they didn't have an internet connection, Hangouts would automatically send it as sms. Now it doesn't behave like this. Currently, if the sender has no internet it would show status sending under the text of the message forever. But if the receiver has no internet, it would show the message as sent on the device of the sender, giving you no clue, that the other party hasn't actually received the message. Is there a way to revert to the old behavior (similar to iMessage on iPhone) - if any of the two doesn't have an internet connection - use sms?

  • I suspect this might be the cause of the problem, but hope there is still a workaround. – Alex Popov Sep 14 '14 at 13:14

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