I got a new phone and sometimes it's hard to hear the person on the other line. Sometimes people say it's hard to hear me. This is a high end phone and I don't think this should be happening. What options are available to change? I've pressed the volume-up arrow to the top when I'm on a call and it's still too quiet.

What exactly do the options: Speaker voice enhancement, equalizer and microphone noise suppression do?

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Audio volume during phone calls appears to be a common complaint made by many Sony users.

I recommend turning off all the extras/enhancements to make a final determination regarding call volume. A different device may be better for you.

Below are the various options described:

  • Speaker Voice Enhancement provides "richer" voice listening during phone calls (impacts what you hear). Turn this off.
  • Equalizer fine tunes the pitch of the call audio (impacts what you hear). Turn this off or choose the most level/smooth option.
  • Phone Noise Suppression reduces background noise on your end (impacts what other people hear). Turn this off if other people can't hear you or experience breaks/skips in your voice. This feature may be useful when you are outside.
  • Enhanced Voice Privacy provides an additional layer of voice encryption (impacts both sides of conversation). Turn this off if the option is available.

After many months of suffering that others cant hear me, i found whats wrong with my Z2. Go to settings - sound&notification - Accessory settings - Mic sensitivity Set it to "High" Auto does not work good for me... Yes I know that it looks like this seting is for acessories.. but no, its for internal mic, you can test it in settings - about phone - diagnostics - test - microphone.. change mic sensitivity and try this test.. on high you can hear yourself back.. on low you almost can't hear yourself back.


Reason for this problem :It is a bug in the xperia software, which lowers your call speaker volume also whenever u connect a headphone for phone call and reduces it's volume.

Solution :connect a headphone. Call someone and maximize the volume. Then, remove the headphone and see that your call speaker also has maximum volume.

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