check out this screenshot i just made:

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Why is the Wi-fi activity bar blue for the last 25 minutes, when my wi-fi was off for 23 minutes?

i have tasker which is set to turn off wi-fi when the phone's screen is locked. I know for sure it works because if I press the power button to turn on screen (but leave it locked) there's no wifi status icon


A credible source: AndroidPolice

tl;dr: Google brought in an option (by default enabled!), which is a checkbox reading "Scanning always available" in WiFi -> Advanced.

The general purpose: "To improve location accuracy and for other purposes, Google and other apps may scan for nearby networks, even when Wi-Fi is off."

To improve location accuracy

by geolocating your IP, matching it with GPS, probably seeing if you use a proxy

for other purposes

IDK, peeking into your data maybe?

even when Wi-Fi is off

why is there a Wi-Fi switch then?

Given, that Google has not a reputation for invading the privacy of users a bit too much, that is/was the general motive.

As said; you can turn this somewhat useless feature off (hopefully); and get some more battery life on your phone.

P.S. The fact that this option is not explicitly stated to the user when he/she begins to use the phone, and that this option is significantly hidden, concerns me.

  • yep that was it :(
    – Alex
    Oct 4 '14 at 14:10

Check whether these options as below:

Go to Settings->Wifi->Advance Settings

1)Keep WI-Fi on during sleep - Never. 2)Scanning always available - Unchecked. 3)Wi-Fi optimization - Checked.

And then try...if that doesn't solve it can be a problem with ROM/Kernel.

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