I had an iPhone for 4 years and I now have a Samsung Galaxy S5 running KitKat 4.4.2.
I've started the migration from the one to the other downloading my prefered apps.
I've just downloaded 40 little standard apps, half of the work, and my S5 already tells me that it cannot donwload any more apps from the Playstore, not enough space on the phone. What ??? But... I still have gigs of space... and I already moved out all possible apps from internal memory.

I've seen that I could bypass this by rooting the phone, but I can't deal with that. That's not a solution.

So I've started to search which are tha apps that take the more space.

On the iPhone, when I wanted to know the exact size that an app, I could see this onto the settings or into iTunes, giving the size of the app + its datas.

On KitKat, I don't see this information anywhere. As an example, I have "Maps with Me" installed, from which I have donwloaded around 1 gig of maps. It should be the one and largest app I have. But the best I can see about its space see is into the Application settings panel the following informations :

Total : 60,41 Mo
Application : 5,11 Mo
Stock on phone app : 55,09 Mo
Datas : 116 Ko
Stock on phone datas : 96,00 Ko
Cache : 64,00 Ko

Where are my gig of maps ? How can I sort my apps by their real space usage ?
And more, how can I install more than 40 littles apps on such a phone ? That seems incredible... There must be a standard way of doing that ?


Clean Master tells me that "Maps With Me" is 656 Mb large. Well, OK, but isn't the default marvelous system able to do that ? Because I don't want such apps on my phone, just to do what the basic OS should do and bore me with other functionalities I don't want.

Clean Master also tells me that I have 64 apps occupying 2,5 Gb.
And that My free system space is 120,32 Mb.
After a clean with this app...
I only have my phone since 1 week, and I've nearly done nothing yet with it.

FYI, I've made a factory reset at the first use, and deleted any possible unwanted apps.


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I think you are finding trouble to sort apps according to their size,name,date etc with the stock App manager. So I recommend you to install third-party app like Clean Master which does all the things you need. It is a small application so hopefully it won't give any no space error.

  • CleanMaster tells me that Maps With me is 656 Mb large. Well, ok, isn't the default system able to do that ?? I don't want such apps on my phone. It also tells me that I have 64 apps occupying 2,5 Gb. And that My free system space is 120,32 Mb. I only have my phone since 1 week, and nearly done nothing with it.
    – Oliver
    Sep 29, 2014 at 18:05

Well there are several things you can do to solve this problem (or, at least, to understand WHERE it is).
The simplest I can think of are:
1) Go to Settings -> Storage and see how the space is being used. Chances are you have one or more apps that use to download a lot of contents so you should find that the major part of your storage is occupied by "Miscellaneous" files. In this case you just have to tap on the related voice and you'll see a list of app and their data;
2) Reboot your device into recovery mode and clear cache;
3) Long press on Play Store -> Settings and clear its cache;

The last two ideas come from the fact that sometime Play Store and similar apps (Settings app too) give problems messages only because the cache is full of data (most of which is merely made up by useless things)...

Just try and tell me if one of these three things works ;)

  • /cache usually resides on a separate partition, and thus shouldn't have to do with it (though I agree clearing cache doesn't hurt and often solves "strange errors"). But resetting the Playstore app definitely hasn't to do with this IMHO.
    – Izzy
    Sep 29, 2014 at 11:24
  • Didn't meant to say "reset play store". I just wanted to say "clear its cache" xD
    – Leon
    Sep 29, 2014 at 13:14
  • You know you always can edit your post to fix that up? ;) Still: If there's not enough space left on internal storage, that won't help anyhow. Oliver needs to get the storage of his device straight.
    – Izzy
    Sep 29, 2014 at 13:51
  • Then he needs to check the first point I've written :P
    – Leon
    Sep 29, 2014 at 13:56
  • 1
    I accidentally deleted my last comment. BTW thank you to letting me know that I wrote something totally different from what I was thinking to write (paranormal cerebral activity xD). Guess we have to wait for his news now
    – Leon
    Sep 29, 2014 at 14:17

For the specific case of WhatsApp, I found that there is a directory under which all its media, etc., are stored. I then used Total Commander to obtain the total size of that directory. I expect it to represent very well the total storage size related to WhatsApp (though I have no references to back this up). See related question How to compute all space taken up by an app and its associated files.

For a generic app, if

  1. it "encapsulates" all its related files (except perhaps for a little amount of information related to system/configuration) under a given directory, and

  2. one can identify such directory,

you could use Total Commander or a similar app, as I did for WhatsApp.

If the app spreads files of significant size across the filesystem, I wouldn't know...

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