I've faced an issue that Samsung Keyboard disables functionality of language switching using space bar... after upgrade to 4.4.2 KitKat. That was messed on a forums a little bit and everybody agreed that Accessibility services should be disabled to enable this functionality...

But I have 7 services and DO want to use at least 4 of them... e.g. one of them forward notifications to my Sony SmartWatch... It become pretty useless without this service...

I really like Samsung Keyboard and want to use it... (I do use continuous input switching to voice input some times... and really love space bar switching of language)

How can I enable both language switching and Accessibility services?



This answer explains why it's not possible to change the keyboard layout when an accessibility service is on.

I faced the problem on my Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3 (I9300XXUGOE1), installed Google Keyboard, and use it instead of the default Samsung keyboard.

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