When I make a phone call (this includes to voicemail), I cannot hear the other party and the other party cannot hear me.

The problem is isolated to calling. When I'm having this problem (or more precisely, when I can replicate this problem), the following behavior is consistent:

  • entering numbers with the dialpad produces the usual audible beep,
  • the Sound Recorder app on my phone works fine,
  • any apps that use the speakers work fine (e.g. Apollo, ES File Explorer audio service).

Rebooting my phone temporarily resolves the problem, which seems to recur an indefinite number of hours following a reboot. I have been unable to identify any specific app or service which causes this problem.

(Unrelated to the problem, but still relevant - CM hangs when I attempt to boot into safe mode, which is only resolveable by popping the battery and booting back up normally, at which point all configured widgets sans lock-screen Torch have been removed - these reboots also fix the problem - so tl;dr: being unable to boot into safe mode, I am unable to determine whether a particular third-party app/service is the cause of this problem).

I have a T-Mobile SII (Hercules SGH-T989) running CM 10.2.0-hercules (corresponds to Android 4.3.1, baseband version T989UVMC6 - I assume this is the radio). I have no call recording apps - the closest thing I have is the Dialer app, which (it seems) does not handle any calling, and simply hooks into the stock Phone app to make calls.

This began a number of months after I upgraded to CM 10.2.0-hercules from 10.0, so I highly doubt that CM is the problem here.

  • lots of people who plopped in new "other" firmware onto a phone lost the ability to make a call (couldn't hear and/or be heard). Myself I could not believe they would continue trying it after that. "the only thing wrong is it isnt a phone anymore. :-) So while you are sure it is not that, you still have to go back to see :-( – Psycogeek Sep 30 '14 at 3:14
  • Unless someone built a time bomb into CM 10.2.0, I seriously doubt that's what broke my phone, since my phone worked for a solid two months after the upgrade. – Pockets Sep 30 '14 at 5:45

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