Today I unlocked my phone's (Xperia L) bootloader and installed CyanogenMod 11 on it. After I did it, I tried to install WhatsApp, but it couldn't restore my messages. This is what it said after installing WhatsApp and putting my number:

Sorry, couldn't restore messages(not exactly like that, but in Portuguese)

How can I restore my messages? If not possible, just recovering my account would be fine...

  • You will probably have to contact customer support for this but keep your hopes low; whatsapp has the worst customer support I have come across. They just send you a canned response asking you to re install the app. If you don't want the backed up messages, delete the whatsapp folder you copied over, uninstall and re-install whatsapp. This should enable you to access your account. – bobbyalex Oct 1 '14 at 6:17
  • Did you use the same phone number as before? – Bharat G Oct 22 '15 at 5:29
  • did you try recovering from drive – Manohar Reddy Jun 7 '18 at 10:09

Next time use Titanium Backup Pro or Rom Toolbox Pro (especially the last one It's the most powerful app!! and will help you a lot especially if you like changing and trying new Roms) To fully backup the whole whatsapp (with data) and contacts app (to restore data only of this app later) . You can restore all your messages. When installing new Rom restore whatsapp app+data You will find all your messages. If you already installed whatsapp then restore data only Don't forget to restore data of contacts apk so all contacts will appear in whatsapp main screen. I use this method to run "2lines for wassap" app. On Whatsapp+ :)


It is not clear what is your individual case exactly but from what I take, if you have not backed it up prior to the system change, you probably can not at this stage. You could use one of those back up apps or use the internal cloud backup from WhatsApp or use their online platform or at least copy the relative folders somewhere just in case (if these are encoded there is not much hope if their technical support doesn't help). I would reinstall the app with the same number (maybe test it on another device first) and try again. If it doesn't work then at least you have your account back. Tips for Next time: Back it up, test and recover on another device with the same number, then change the system and reverse back to your main phone/device.

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