The NTAG216 can hold 800+ bytes of information. But when I scan it with my Samsung S4, it will only show 5 lines of text followed by an ellipses (...) which is at most about 270 bytes. I've tried it with 2 other Samsungs and an LG with the same result, so I think it's an Android issue. Even if you only put one character per line, it will only show five lines of text. If I use an app it shows the full content of the tag, so I know all the content is on the tag and the hardware is reading it, Android just chooses to only show 5 lines.

I need the phone (any NFC phone) to show the entire contents of the tag, and I need it to work without using an app. Any suggestions?

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    Why do you need it to work without an app? Phones that have NFC usually have a built-in NFC reader, but those are also apps. – Stephen Schrauger Oct 6 '14 at 16:37

This is a limitation of the Tags app that is included in Android by default. The Tags app will display at most 5 lines of text for any text-type NDEF record. You can't get around this limit as it is hard-coded into the Tags app. Consequently, you won't get around using a customized app for that purpose.

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