I can log into Hangouts from my desktop or laptop. I can log into anything Google but Hangouts from my phone. As soon as I touch the Hangouts icon, it attempts to sign into my valid Google account that works fine with everything else. And it never ever does or has.

Google Talk had no issues of the sort. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, deleted Play Services' data; all the recommended procedures from all the knowledgeable sites, yet nothing has ever changed the inability to sign in only from that one app behavior.

How can I make Hangouts work on my phone?


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What worked for me was simply logging out of Google and signing back in. from the Apps > Google > Settings (the three little bars in the corner) > Accounts and privacy > Sign out. Then go back to this setting after restarting the phone and log in.

This worked for me. YMMV.


Going into Google Settings => clicking on menu bar => selecting "clear app data" fixed the issue for me after TONS of attempts!

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