Can anyone please provide some assistance. I managed to crack my screen yesterday and now can't enter the password to unlock. I tried using adb but get unauthorized error at prompt and can't approve device since i can't get into the device. Usb debugging is enabled on my nexus. Is there a backdoor available to remove/enter password?

Can I use a usb OTG mouse function for nexus 4?

I just want to get all text messages from my phone.

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Option 1: You might want to try this unnamed Windows Tool created by k.janku1. You just need to have ADB enabled. The forum has additional info on enabling ADB via kernel or recovery. Once installed,

this tool lets you use your device through your Windows pc even if your touchscreen doesn't work or you can't see anything.

Direct download link here.

Option 2: A more complex solution would be to enable USB OTG support by providing you own 5v current and installing a custom kernel. The process is a bit involved and outlined in this XDA forum discussion. A video of a this working solution might also be beneficial to watch.

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