I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 via Laptop using Kingo root app. I did everything correct but my tablet won't turn on now. It is stuck on the logo screen. It won't load past the logo screen. I took it to a repair shop, and they cannot fix it.

Can my tablet be fixed? What should I do to fix it? Would I have to buy a new device now?

  • Which exact model of Tab 3 are you using? There exists more than 1 tag for Tab 3. – Firelord Aug 2 '15 at 22:36

Do you have recovery on it? Example: Clockworkmod recovery? If answer is yes, try booting to recovery with key combination: Volume down+power+home and after 2 seconds keep holding volume down+power but stop pushing home. You should download a custom rom designed for your phone, which is a zip file. Then on the recovery install from SD (must have SD card) and pick the zip file.


I had the same issue than you, service center couldn't help. Lastly I took it to the electric shop I bought it from, they helped.


you need to simple flash your tab with Original rom

first download your tab Firmwarem from this link(for tab Model SM-T211) https://samsung-firmware.org/model/SM-T211/

and simple flash using Odin software giving to downloaded zip file

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