I have a Sony Xperia C2305 with Android version 4.2.2.

I was trying to free up internal space using Titanium Backup Pro by moving applications over to the SD Card.

I converted Chrome to a user application and then moved it tot he SD Card.

When I run it i now get the following error: "Critical functionality required to run Chrome is missing; either your Chrome installation is incomplete or not compatible with this version of android".

I attempted to do the following:

  • Moved back to Internal Memory and Converted to System Application - Same Error
  • Rebooted - Same Error
  • Converted to User Application & Uninstalled - Downloaded from Play Store - Same Error
  • Converted Downloaded & Installed Chrome to System Application - Same Error

How can i get a working version of chrome back on my phone?

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After trying the "Quick Fixes", nothing worked.

The Solution was to re ROM the phone with a factory ROM.

In future, use Titanium Backup to first take a full backup, then freeze the application for a week or two and then if the phone is stable, remove the frozen apps.

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