I'm wondering if there is there any open source remote desktop solution that is as fast as TeamViewer or Splashtop that works on Android? Right now I use Splashtop for fast use that has audio support and TeamViewer for when I still want fast but my current network isn't fast enough for audio support. As far as I know TeamViewer and Splashtop are not open source and I like to have open source software. I like the comfort of knowing the software is open source and anyone can look at the code to see if there is any malicious code. I currently use TeamViewer and Splashtop to remote to computers I have running at home with my Android based tablet and phone. The computers I use run Arch Linux.

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You could try Thinstuff Android Client (available on Google Play).

Thinstuff is proud to announce that aFreeRDP, the FreeRDP Android client, is now available in git master.

aFreeRDP is already quite mature and comes with a lot of nice features:

-Built-in help for touch pointer and gestures A touch pointer for easier user input within a session -Gestures for common input tasks like scrolling, zooming, etc.

-Custom keyboard views for advanced user input (i.e. common shortcuts like Win+E)

-A flexible connection management UI allowing to quickly connect to a host as well as handling a large list with multiple predefined connections

The build integrates seamlessly into FreeRDPs build system – you just have to install the Android NDK/SDK and ant. For detailed instructions on how to build aFreeRDP refer to docs/README.android. src

More information available at FreeRDP's home site.

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