I am using ES file explorer to browse my Windows shares. Now I made some SMB/CIFS shares with Linux, and it is able to make "hidden" shares, like this:

comment = Private
path = /media/VIDEO/prov
available = yes
valid users = dims device
read only = no
browseable = no
public = yes
writable = yes

I can use this share from Windows if explicitly enter it's name. But looks like ES File explorer can't remember the link if it is not browseable.

How to overcome?


You can add a share directly in ES. From the LAN window, click New. In the Server text box, type the address and path of the share (e.g. server/priv), and fill in the rest of the form appropriately.

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  • It does not work for me this way. If enter only server name or server IP, then it creates a server icon. But if I enter servername plus share name (like server/priv) it says "Server not found". For any share, both browseable or not. – Dims Oct 14 '14 at 19:29

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