Everytime I write my daughter's name (Ala) on my Galaxy Nexus (with Android 4.3), slide keyboard always corrects that to Alla. There is no such word in Polish (used by me) language / directory. And this word in 100% not added by me to user-directory. It is in core directory, that slide keyboard uses.

I think, I passed through all similar questions here (see resume below) and still found not solution. So, I have to ask again: How can I remove a word, that is incorrect and shouldn't be in dictionary?

So far, I've tried:

Things, that I didn't try or I failed trying:

Anyone knows a solution, that I haven't tested, that works on Galaxy Nexus / Android 4.3?

Situation is the same, as pictured in this question (only I have Android 4.3), so I won't repeat nearly the same screenshots. Slide keyboard is correcting my entires all the time to some strange / incorrect words and none of this words are in my personal dictionary. So, I'm looking for a solution (if any exists) to remove these words from keyboard's core dictionary.

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