Is it possible to use my Droid as a computer microphone (for Skype, Teamspeak, etc) via the USB cord? If not, does anyone know of a Teamspeak client app?

Any help would be appreciated.

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There are all sorts of apps that enable you to use your phone's camera and mic on your PC over Wi-fi or USB.

Here are some examples:


The App Microphone allows this. Just do it by 3.5mm cord; it's way easier.

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Sure... you just have to choose between hacking the phone or hacking the PC.

Via hacking the PC:

Enable USB debugging on the phone. Install the SDK and get adb working. Set up an adb port forward to the phone. Write an apk which listens on a local network port and upon connection opens the microphone and pushes samples through the forwarded 'network' socket. The hard part: on the PC, write a "microphone driver" which gets its data by connecting to the program on the android through the adb port forward. You could also do the same thing substituting a wifi network for the adb-usb.

Via hacking the phone:

Compile a new USB kernel driver which presents the expected interface for a USB microphone, and have it gets its data from the microphone. If going to this much trouble, you might as well make it into a USB webcam. Root and serious coding required.


WO Virtual Mic 1.39€ + you need to install a client


The answer is "No" - at least not without a dedicated app (if such exists).

BTW, I can understand wanting to do this via Bluetooth, but via USB? Why?

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Senstic PocketAudio Microphone, plus you need to install the PocketControl software on your PC (or Mac)

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