I need to import bookmarks from my Chrome Android mobile. Is there any direct way to do it? Please do not suggest to sync Chrome account in desktop and do import from there, my Sync rights has been disabled by admin in Chrome desktop.

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    What are you trying to export the bookmarks to? – Dan Hulme Oct 18 '14 at 8:44

If you cannot sync for some reason then your option of import to export from your Android device the bookmarks is pretty much closed, if the device is not rooted.

Did I hear ADB backup? No, not in this case because Chrome for Android doesn't allow backup by ADB.

Any hope? Yes, but only for rooted devices.

I didn't really understand from what you are trying to import to or from, the bookmarks, so I've given here a simple but useful use-case to get the job done. Hopefully, it should do the job for you.

Chrome for Android stores the bookmarks in /data/data/com.android.chrome/app_chrome/Default/Bookmarks and the backup in the file Bookmarks.bak in the same directory.

Chrome in your PC stores the Bookmarks in your user profile → .configgoogle-chrome. See this answer for OS specific location.

Now it is obvious thing to do. Simply exchange the Bookmarks file between the PC and the device or from one device to another device. While doing so, make sure you delete the Bookmarks.bak because that may cause trouble. Also, do backup a copy of the bookmarks file at both the ends, in case, an issue pops up.

If you copy the bookmarks from PC to Android, then the new bookmarks would be available under Chrome Menu → Bookmarks. Depending upon whether you had those bookmarks in the PC under Desktop or Other cateogory, you may see the same category in the device.

If the Chrome for Android bookmarks are restored in PC then they would show up in Chrome Menu → Bookmarks → Mobile Bookmarks.

You may merge the bookmarks too, but that would need a bit of editing in the bookmarks file. The file is a text file and the content is easily comprehensible, so you should have no issue in editing that file.


Google Bookmark Import Tool helps in cases when you need to backup Chrome Android bookmarks.

It is simple to use and generated file can be transferred from phone/tablet easily.


Google offers downloading your data from the Google products you use. If Chrome's data was synced, you could download from here.

  • This gave me an archive with a bunch of files, all of them containing between one and 600 repetitions of the string "Encrypted": "Your data is encrypted and cannot be exported.". – Daniel Saner Jul 16 '20 at 18:40
  • @DanielSaner This is strange and do not reflect my previous experience with this. Maybe the archive (a zip archive I suppose) is now encrypted globally with some password you only can have? Maybe are you enrolled in their Advanced Protection Program that requires physical token? Beside of this, apart from any security settings changed on Google or, things they may have changed lately, or a bug in the late time, I dunno, you could try to reach them asking directly to Google support. – AlbertoP64 Jul 19 '20 at 8:21

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