I want to disable the auto sync(i.e mobile data) for all of my App ,except whatsApp when I am in mobile data connection.So basically talking , when I am on mobile data I only want to use whatsApp to connect to internet.

But when I am connected to wifi , any of App can update,sync and do things whatever they want. How can I do that ?



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There are a number of applications (3G Watchdog for example) which allow you to restrict background data to WiFi; therefore when you've left the application it cannot continually use data.

In later versions of Android you can go to Settings > Data Usage > Apps and restrict background data, thus not needing a third party app. Both methods do not require root access. Here are a few related questions:MMS and Restricting background data, Restrict Mobile data but exclude some apps or How does "Restrict background data" work?.

The above mentioned will give much more explanation on what to do, why to do etc. but I will just give you the means to read it. It's quite an easy process to compelte. I will, however, give an alternative which is not often used: AutoMateIt. Let me know if you manage to incorportate this into your issue!

  • I just restricted background data . Commented Oct 29, 2014 at 11:22

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