I have rooted xolo q1000 device. I want to install custom rom without using cwm. Actually the problem is , when i was installing stock rom by using S P Flashtool it messed all thing.Due to above mentioned , i am not able to see the displayed content on my screen. I am damn sure that my device is working fine it just need to install updated version of any rom. As nothing is displayed properly i am not able to start cwm hence I am planning to flash custom rom in my device. plz help to flash custom rom without using cwm in xolo q1000.


if your phone have a advance recovery,(with this option) :

install from sdcard

, or

install from extcard

or other...your work is easy.but if doesnt exist ,you have to install advance recovery. im not sure what is your problem, but i think only this way help you for install.

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