Does factory reset erase/wipe the entire 'important data' on the phone? Such as password, sms, pictures, apps etc? I used encase to check the internet storage and as it seems it's filled with zeros but not the entire phone, I can still see some data. Can i somehow restore the 'important data'?

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You want to sell your phone

Factory reset generally doesn't erase anything on a micro-SD card.

It doesn't in all cases exhaustively overwrite internal flash either. So it may be possible for determined people to recover your data (e.g. on a second-hand phone). This doesn't mean it is easy to do or 100% successful.

I believe since Android 4.3, a factory reset will attempt to more effectively wipe all data in the phone's internal storage.

Several sources advise using the phone's options to encrypt all data before doing a factory reset.

Some phones have a recovery mode accessed using VolumeDown+Power from which you can select "wipe data".


You didn't realise Factory Reset might make your data inaccessible

If you don't regularly back-up important data, you will eventually lose it. You should also back up data before performing any major operation like a factory reset on any device/computer.

See links above for data recovery.

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