We have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ---- I've been reading some comments on what to do --- but a Google account was never setup (still do not know about how to do that) and there is no option now for a security question (did we overlook that in the setup?). Are there any other options of resetting the password other than "factory reset"? We don't want to loose the data we have. We looked at the SD card - there are only pictures we took, but none of our stored files. Lastly, once we do get in, how can I backup the data? Thanks.


It would defeat the object of having a password if you could get in without it. You have to factory-reset the device. Next time, set up a Google account on the device: it asks you to do it the first time you turn it on.

  1. If you've made a Samsung account , you can log into your account with a PC and unlock your phone easily. ( you have to connect your tablet to internet tho by either using a sim card and mobile data or wifi connection ) [ Safe Method ]

2.If your device is rooted and USB debugging is enabled , you can use adb commands and flashing a file to unlock your phone without doing a factory reset. [ risky option 1 ]

  1. if you have a custom recovery installed ( TWRP , CWM ) you can also flash your specific unlock files to your phone just like the adb option but without writing commands or codes. [ risky option ]

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