I am pretty new to all this stuff and i tried to install android L alpha preview on my nexus 4. I rooted my phone and downloaded the .zip file and then followed the instructions on the internet site. I reset all my data and wiped dalvik cache but forgot, that i had .zip file under my downloads. I couldn't install it, because i deleted it and i deleted everything else on my phone too. So now my phone won't boot and I don't now what to do. I also can't transfer my files from computer to phone. Please help, I'm really desperate.

(sorry for my English, not a native speaker)


Don't worry, the solution is pretty easy.

Download Wugrfesh toolkit from here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95747613655047107

Once you open the program, press "Flash stock + unroot" on the right side. Just follow the instructions and you'll do fine.

Good luck :)

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