I'm new to Android development.

I wrote a funny app which endlessly pops messages saying "Unfortunately, YOUR_FREAKING_APP has stopped." on launch.

To force-close it, I held down the Home button but the Recent Apps doesn't show while the message box is active. Another message box shows after I touch 'OK' roughly in 500ms.

Workarounds I've found so far:

  • Close the message box and hold down the Home button as quickly as possible. → rarely works.
    1. Connect the device to PC and open Notifications, then touch 'Connected as a media de...' to switch to 'USB computer connection'.
    2. After switching, the mesage box doesn't show up any more.
    3. Touch 'OK' and adios. → this works but what if away from PC?
  • Restart

Are there any other methods to force close?

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    Well, I guess restart / shutdown is a very obvious solution. – geffchang Oct 21 '14 at 12:30
  • Usually, for me, this loop is either fixed by somehow managing to force stop the app (rarely if ever works) or restarting the device. If an app does it a few times, it gets uninstalled. – RossC Oct 21 '14 at 14:10

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