I have encrypted my Android device in the terminal with:

su; vdc cryptfs enablecrypto inplace PASSWORD

During boot the following message appears:

Type password to decrypt storage

  1. On which step in the boot process is this screen called? cf. http://www.kpbird.com/2012/11/in-depth-android-boot-sequence-process.html

  2. Which file contains the configuration that determines when this screen is loaded?

  3. Only /data/ is encrypted. How can I encrypt /starage/emulated (emulated internal SD card), /storage/sdcard0 or /storage/sdcard1 in the terminal? The GUI offers me no option to encrypt my SD card!

  4. Is it possible to write a shell script which uses lm.cryptseupt and asks for the password during the boot process? For example, with something like:

read -p "Enter password for sdcard" password

Similar as you can see on the attached screenshot. How do I configure the password prompt during the boot process? Can I use "init.d"? At what step in the boot process should my shell script run?

Type password to decrypt storage

Click image for larger version

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