Can the Dolphin browser be configured so that the toolbar doesnt scroll along with web pages?

As you scroll down a web page the browser toolbar scrolls off the screen. Is there a means of fixing its position?


I guess the reason why you don't want the toolbar to scroll with the webpage is because you don't want to scroll up when you want to type a new address. I don't use Dolphin so I can't tell by first-hand experience, but according to this, you can double tap anywhere on the page to show the toolbar so you don't need to scroll up to type addresses.

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  • your guess is correct - PC browser implementations function this way because it's more intuitive. Toolbars and content are two separate things; the movement of the page shouldn't impact the toolbar. If this happened in a word processor it would be a usability nightmare. Double-tapping on the page doesn't show it toolbar; it adjusts the text to switch between the initial zoom level and a zoom level which fits the screen with word wrapping. – Matthew May 1 '11 at 1:30
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    @Matt: true, but in a 3.7" screen, having a large address bar obscuring the already scarce screen space is an even worse usability nightmare (people spend more time reading a page than typing on the address bar); usability design is a series of tradeoffs, that's why some people live by a certain browser while others just can't stand it. btw, have you tried the other alternatives mentioned on the page I linked? Otherwise, use the stock browser or Opera Mini/Mobile; I know personally that the standard browser and Opera brings up the address bar when you press Menu button. – Lie Ryan May 1 '11 at 2:22

Use the hard menu key on your device to get the tool bar back.

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  • you mean the capacitive touch menu button? There's no option to get the toolbar back from there. – Matthew May 1 '11 at 0:08

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