Is there a list of what the standard elements on an Android devices are called?

I can use everything just fine, but explaining to others to "use that bar at the top" and "the button that looks like a piece of paper" and so on is a) embarrassing and b) not the easiest way to explain things. Searching for names, I always end up at the GUI-documentation, which is useful in general, but certainly not in this case!


Top bar - Notification bar
Bottom bar - Navigation bar
Standard Navigation bar buttons - Back, Home, Recent Apps
These are the standard ones in every Android powered device.
Note - The word "bar" can be replaced by "panel" sometimes.

Update: Title bar (which has app title, search button, back key) - Action bar

  • Thank you :). This helped AND put me on the path to some helpful sites. Amazing what you can find once you know the name of one or two things :). – Layna Oct 31 '14 at 13:46

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