I have this LG Optimus One P500h and I was thinking about formatting and installing the default/original Android 2.2 (2.3 would be great) since LG modified the homescreen, keyboard and other stuffs.

Is this possible? Is this safe? Is this insane?

Thanks for your help


There's a "beta" version of CyanogenMod 7 for the Optimus One over at the XDA forums which you could try out. There also appear to be a couple of builds that are derived from CM but mix in different tweaks and patches to the kernel and whatnot (one such build here, also Gingerbread).

CyanogenMod - if you're not already familiar with it - is essentially a vanilla Android experience but with some nice additional settings and improvements. They build from the Android source code and then add some patches of their own. I think one of the few plainly noticeable differences is that they use ADW Launcher as a home app instead of the stock Gingerbread one, but I think the GB launcher is floating around on the Market somewhere. ADW is nice anyway, though.

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