I'm logged in on my android tablet, but I don't know my password. I'm already logged in on my android tablet, but I want to see my emails and other google services on PC... Is there possible way to find my pass on tablet? I have already tried with "Password forget?", but I don't have alternative email or mobile nummber (on my account, at all), so I can't pass 2nd step of verification.

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You can reset the password using Google password recovery. Go here - Account recovery.
Follow on-screen instructions:

  • Select I don't know my password. Type your email address.
  • It asks for any previous password you remember (if there is one). Type password & continue.
  • Next screen will be like this - Confirm password reset on my Android XXYYZZ phone. Select Send Notification.
  • Follow on-screen instructions afterwards.

Edit 1:

  • If you don't have access to your mobile device and do not have an alternate email ID, you can still recover/reset password by answering some questions on recovery page. You need to follow on-screen instructions carefully to reach that page.
  • My phone doesn't prompt for a new password after accepting the password reset. There's just a brief pop-up saying that the request was accepted.
    – akaihola
    Commented Nov 15, 2015 at 8:23

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