I downloaded MAME4droid and I wanted to put a Galaga ROM on it, but when I tried to find the MAME4all folder it didn't show up in windows. As prescribed, I rescanned the sd card, but all that did was this: enter image description here

If it matters, my device is a Droid MAXX (not the Razr).


I've found that the best way to fix the problem was to use a file manager app (because there isn't one on the device by default) to move the ROM into the right folder.

  • Your question ( apples ) said you couldn't see it on windows. Then your answer( oranges ) states to use a file manager on your device to move it to the correct location...... Your problem then is unclear. Re-edit your question for clarification please, otherwise it might get flagged for being unclear. Also you can comment on your own question. – HasH_BrowN Nov 3 '14 at 4:37

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