I'm having problems with my Samsung galaxy Captivate where whenever I attempt to update all the apps in market, every single app begins downloading and installing all at the same time and the result is always the same, it crashes (20+ simultaneous downloads and installs would definably overrun any system!).

Is there any way to set it such that android is only allowed to download and install a single app at a time? I want to be able to run the batch updates but I want them to be queued up as opposed to all running at once and overwhelming my system.

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If you use AppBrain it does downloads sequentially. Unfortunately you'll still need to click "Okay" for each to start the download but it'll save you a few taps.

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    Well i know you can individually install them on appbrain, but it is far from automated. I'd like the "update all" button, just not the "update all at once" effect.
    – Faken
    Apr 26, 2011 at 20:28

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