My sony xperia is locked by the AVG Anti-theft programm allegedly it was stolen but it is not. I tried to type password but window pops out saying "wrong password."

I logged to avg.com with my user name and changed password for the Anti-theft program, but still no luck to unlock my phone.

The Anti-theft program activated by it self, nobody stole it, but on my Gmail account I have received a message that it was stolen.

I even managed to send to my xperia z3 alarm sound which worked fine but still no luck to unlock phone.

Please if anyone can advise on this.

And also I deleted my cell phone registration on avg.com thinking it will help but it did not.

  • So basically your device is locked, and you destroyed the case holding the key (deleting your account). That leaves a factory-reset, I'd say. – Izzy Nov 4 '14 at 22:07

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