I need to flash the root zip I downloaded from Chainfire without having to install recovery like Clockworkmod. I have fastboot and adb and that's what I used to flash 4.4.4. This is for my Nexus 7 2013 Wifi. I have to leave in under 20 minutes, could someone write the correct fastboot command to do this

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Step 1: Unlock the bootloader; fastboot oem unlock This WILL wipe your device. Skip if already unlocked. Set up your device and put SuperSU.zip into it.
Step 2: Download the appropriate TWRP/CWM image for your device.
Step 3: Boot your phone into bootloader; adb reboot bootloaderwhile the device is on or hold the power button and the volume down button while the device is off.
Step 4: Make sure your device is detected by fastboot; fastboot devices
Step 5: Temporarily Boot into recovery; fastboot boot nameofrecovery.imgThis will only boot the recovery, not install it.
Step 6: Flash the .zip file using the recovery and reboot.

You will have stock recovery and root access.


Try using:

adb sideload root.zip

That is generally the way for SuperSU. To be honest, a recovery would be better long term and in the time it takes for me to reply and you to read this you'd have it done! Might be worth considering. As far as I understand you need a custom recovery to do this. I would recommend installing one.

However, you could try this command:

fastboot -c "lge.kcal=0|0|0|x" boot customrecovery.img 

This should allow you to use a recovery without installing. I don't recommend this as it is easier with a custom recovery and you can restore the stock one if and when you need it.

Alternatively you could try the Nexus Root Tookit and untick "Custom Recovery". I have not tested it though.

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    The fastboot flash recovery flashes the recovery, not boots it without installing. That would be the second command. Also, it is worth noting that you can not root the device using fastboot, you need something that can mount the /system partition as writable; most preferably a recovery, but also a live system can be used.
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  • Yeah I was rushing given the time limit, assumed he was rooted. Deleting this, thanks
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Best Method on Nexus



get ADB drivers + binary (From cmd or Powershell)


Linux "Drivers" + adb, fastboot (ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install android-tools*

Windows commands - Open Powershell (as administrator)

  1. command

    adb reboot bootloader

    ADB tells android to reboot to bootloader. Wait for reboot

  2. command

    fastboot flash recovery TWRP-recovery.zip

if it doesnt like it, just unzip it.

In linux, instead of powershell = Terminal First command "sudo su"

thats it... PS: Almost forgot TWRP will install and fix SU automatically.

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