On AnkiDroid, the only TTS language I can add is "English". I'd like to have Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and French, as well. How can I get these languages to load up?

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NOT WORKING. The .mp3 files do not play on synced devices for some reason, even with a connection to the internet.

The Kindle Fire HD 7 has no support for engines that support Asiatic languages. So, you can either root the device and load in better engines, or:

  1. Get on Anki Desktop.
  2. Install the AwesomeTTS add-on.
  3. Restart Anki, then open the browser.
  4. Select the deck you want to add TTS to in the left-hand pane.
  5. Hit ctrl-a to select all of the cards you want to add readings to.
  6. Click "AwesomeTTS" in the drop-down menu.
  7. Select "add readings" and then follow the dialog.

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