I got a Skyworth e69 6369 smart tv. kernel 3.1.10 android 4.2.1 model full aosp on skyworth 6369 cpu arm cortex a9 dual core other specs http://specdevice.com/showspec.php?id=de85-dcab-0033-c5870033c587

It does not come with any data cable. It has 4 usb ports though I don't think I can use any for rooting.

I have tried several no pc solutions like framaroot 1.9.3, kingroot, poot, romastersu 2.0.3_140926_100, vroot 4.3, z4root 1.3.0 etc but not successful.

What is the best way to root this if any? Or is this sadly unrootable?

Thanks for any suggestion.


After a long time trying I managed to finally root it

In summary, I think these are the steps to make it work:

  1. Try to root with rootmaster. Check if it gives you root. If it does- check if it persists on reboot. If it does not do 2 and 3.
  2. Try to root again with rootmaster then delete /system/app/kinguser, /system/app/superuser.apk, and /system/app/Superuser.apk (using a terminal)
  3. Install SuperSu

Only thing missing from this smart TV that I want it to have is Google Play Store. I really cannot make it work. I also don't have YouTube because of this.

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