My university has a VPN and we need to connect to the VPN in order to get access to three internet. But, I want to contact to a workplace using internet. Is there any way to have multiple book in android. I mean like a VPN through another VPN?

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According to https://developer.android.com/reference/android/net/VpnService.html,

There can be only one VPN connection running at the same time. The existing interface is deactivated when a new one is created.

So, no, you can only have one VPN at a time on Android. You can switch between the two, though, when you need to use the other.


Depending on if your router has the feature, you could potentially connect your router to a VPN while connecting your phone to another, resulting at your phone connecting to two VPNs at the same time. BUT, this does not mean you can access two VPNs because VPN is an end to end encryption technology. You could however, effectively hide your packet from both router level VPN and your ISP (and therefore the NSA). It is a common technique for the cyber attackers.

  • using a VPN does not necessarily hide your traffic from the NSA. a VPN changes who you have to trust, not how much you have to trust them: instead of trusting your ISP, now you have to trust your VPN provider.
    – strugee
    Jun 11, 2020 at 10:12

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