Is it possible to open Chrome's Development Tools in Android? Is it possible to do so with Java?

I tried going into the settings and such, but is it possible to access the console and create cookie for the browser?


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Directly on the device? I don't think so. If you have a computer running chrome, and a usb cord for your phone, then you can use Chrome's remote debugger to access a web console on your computer that can inspect pages open in chrome, and any in-app webviews that have debugging enabled.

Basically, you just enable the developer options and remote debugging on your phone, and go to chrome://inspect in your computer's browser.

To debug an app's webview you'll need to modify the app to enable debugging.

See Google's documentation for more information and detailed instructions.


You can override the console.log function to save the contents of the console to a local variable. Then output the contents in a div at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you could use a bookmarklet to toggle a div that shows the contents.

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