I always knew how to disable the auto update for a specific app. But since some time Google decided to forbid this useful functionality and force the users to update their app. And I mainly do NOT use the Google Apps and don't want to update them (but I want to update all my others non-Google apps).

How can I do it?

Before I could:

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Select My apps
  3. Select the desired app
  4. Click the phone Menu button
  5. Deselect the Auto-update tick box

Now is no more possible. How could I achieve the same result?

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    Am I missing something? If you go to Google Play's product page of the specific app, and bring up the Settings, the setting allows you to toggle Auto-Update by individual app. Is this a different version of Google Play? mine is v5.0.31 – wbogacz Nov 14 '14 at 20:05
  • I guess my smartphone has some problem. I tried for half an hour and no menu was appearing. Tried now and the voice "auto-update" appears, but it disappear if I click on it.. And it doesn't deselect. Mmmmh.. – Kamafeather Nov 14 '14 at 22:30

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