Bought a Moto X 1st gen. and had to send it back within 28 days. I then got a different one back from Motorola Customer Support 4 days ago through an advance exchange. The very first time I was on a call the other side said they could not hear me / I was cutting in and out / they could barely hear me. This was confirmed with several other people.

I tried calling my Google Voice number and it is really bad. Definitely not usable. I called my voice mail from Google Hangouts and it sounds exactly the same. The speaker phone makes it noticeably louder on the other end but it still sounds really bad. Almost like it is overdriving the microphone.

However, Google Now understands me perfectly and when recording a video it sounds just fine. I tried covering both the front and back microphones.

My only thought is that maybe the noise cancelling software is messing things up somehow.

Things I've tried:

  • Poked at the two microphones with a pin to try and clean them out.
  • Cleared the cache partition.
  • Performed a factory reset.
  • Switched from Dalvik to ART and back.
  • Ensured all software was up to date.
  • Turned off the Voice privacy setting in the dialer.

Any ideas? Think re-flashing the stock software would help at all? I already called Motorola support back but supposedly they do not have anymore Moto X 1st gen. available to exchange. And I really want a 1st gen!


Try turning off noise cancellation in dialer settings

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