I have a Huawei Ascend Y300 phone. It has a total of 4 GB internal flash memory and 2 GB of those are accessible by user. However, of those 2 GB only approximately 1 GB can be used for applications and the rest can be used for other user files (photos etc.). Like this, the number of applications that fit into 1 GB is greatly limited...

Is there a way to make the application storage bigger and maybe grow it to the whole 2 GB? Do I need to root the device for that? One can set the SD card as default storage location but still part of the applications seem to be installed to internal storage.

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Questions like these were made a lot of times, and require the repartition of the internal memory.

As you can read in this question , this requires a custom ROM.

I own an Huawei Y300 too, and I've found lots of ROMs and information there

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