I have a rooted cynogen mod Lg P500.

I can connect my xbox360 to my laptop for bridging a connection. but have recently moved to ubuntu so the bridging is a mission and a half.

So I was wondering if it was possible to use an android phone as an xbox360 wireless adapter.

By this I mean:

My android is connected to my networks wifi.

I want to connect my xbox360 to the android and connect to xbox live.

Is this possible?

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    Why don't you ask on askubuntu.com about bridging with Ubuntu? It really shouldn't be very difficult, I've done it on the command line often enough.
    – Cry Havok
    May 1 '11 at 15:43

This will almost certainly be impossible. Your XBox doesn't have USB drivers for your Android phone.


This would be possible if your rooted your phone and wrote an installed a new kernel usb driver which made it look like a supported network adapter. Needless to say that would be a project requiring quite a bit of expertise and effort - it's probably going to be cheaper to get a supported adapter, and not tie up your phone in the process.

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