I'm using a xperia sp ( huashan ) device. Recently I read some tutorials and wanted to flash CM 11 M10 into the device. I rooted the device, then backed up the bootloader. Then unlocked it and installed the recovery kernel given in the following url.

Custom Recovery Link

Then I used the following link to install CM11. I downloaded CM Rom from the official website for my device.

CM Installation Tutorial

When I go to CWM Recovery and try to install the zip file, it states the following message and stops the installation process.

The zip is for devices C5303, C5302

Device detected as 'mint'

I flashed my stock rom again and checked using flashtools the device it recognizes. My device is installed as C5303.

Any idea on fixing this issue.

  • Did you read through the full thread to make sure there weren't any updates or extra installation details. It sounds like there is wrong firmware/software in the ROM. Is it a nightly build? – HasH_BrowN Nov 21 '14 at 6:42
  • it's not a nightly build! a snapshot for the xperia sp. – Imesh Chandrasiri Nov 21 '14 at 9:05

CyanogenMod - Xperia SP maintainer here. If you are sure about having a Xperia SP then you can safely remove that assert check in the install script of the zip :)

you should have the right prop id so you can continue on with normal releases. i've never seen this issue before.

  • I removed the assert tag as it was mentioned in one of the xda threads. but it lead to a bootloop as I had flashed a doomloard kernal. I flashed the kernal which was in the zip and all worked fine. – Imesh Chandrasiri Dec 1 '14 at 3:29

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