So, tried to install the new update when it flashed on my tablet. Left it downloading, and then clicked to install. Its now a brick. It cant boot, it has no commands. I have tried factory reset, and nothing, it still has no command. I dont know how to flash it, although im not dumb I could likely follow good step by step instructions, I just dont know where to start, or who to turn to. I suspect the size of the update is what went wrong, I only have satellite internet at 512kbps. The update was 382 meg. My device wanted to isntall after about 20 minutes, and I can confidently say that any download of 400 meg would take about 5 hours on my connection, so idk if it tried to install something and just gave up?

Whatever.. i have a dead android on his back with an exclamation mark. I tried Reboot, recovery, factory reset none of which worked.

Many thanks in advance for time or trouble taking to reply.



If you are still able to boot your nexus in fastboot mode(hold down the power button and the volume down button) you can recover it quite straightforward:

Flashing through fastboot requires an unlocked bootloader - unlocking will remove all your userdata!

If any questions appear just ask ;)

  • Ty! :) I downloaded the factory image for my model, and once I had directed the 'nexus root toolkit' to the zip file, it did it all for me :) Im so relieved! :) I have since been able to get the lollipop update too and all appears to be working fine :) many thanks – Alison Nov 21 '14 at 18:23

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