I purchased a nexus 5 on swappa that is stock but has TWRP installed. The 5.0 OTA update is coming thru but when i download it and it restarts it takes me to the TWRP menu. I don't know where the file would be that I can install and have the 5.0 update put on my phone....any insight or advise on how to do that?

  • possible duplicate of OTA Update on a rooted Nexus5 with Custom Recovery and Kernel – Andrew T. Nov 21 '14 at 15:36
  • OTA updates i believe get pushed to the cache folder. If TWRP will allow you to install it without yelling at you, however, is another matter (some devices are fine with it, some not so much...) Cleanest way to do it would be as the linked possible duplicate states, and wipe it with a factory image (in this case, directly snagging the lollipop image and flashing that) if flashing the OTA directly from TWRP fails. – user2366842 Nov 21 '14 at 22:25

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